About the Boreal

What’s the Boreal Forest?

While many think of Manitoba as a prairie province, roughly 80 per cent of it is covered in forest.

The Boreal Forest in Manitoba sits at the heart of one of the world’s largest intact forest ecosystems: a massive swath of Boreal Forest that stretches across Northern Canada from the Yukon through the prairie provinces, Ontario and Quebec, to Newfoundland.

The Manitoba Boreal Forest is home to 49 First Nations as well as several cities and towns. Beginning just a couple hours north of Winnipeg, it encompasses many of Manitoba’s top beach and camping spots. It’s also where many Manitobans make their livelihoods.

In addition, it’s home to hundreds of millions of migratory birds, thousands of threatened woodland caribou, and much more.

Boreal Manitoba plays a vital global role in mitigating climate change as a carbon storehouse. The carbon stored within it is comparable to 1000 years of Manitoba’s greenhouse gas emissions!

Get out there and explore – and submit your photos!

Click the map below to view the entire Boreal Forest in Canada: